Call following violent deportation attempt on Ryanair flight to Cyprus – 09/08/2022

Solidarity action on the plane during the attempted deportation of M!
Many passengers would have filmed. 
Call to find these passengers for possible testimonies and to bring them legal aid if they are prosecuted;
Call for the collection of videos taken by some passengers.
CONTACT : Contact ou whatsapp 0032473628733
This Syrian man, M., was arrested in April at the airport and locked up in the Caricole detention centre. He had spent 4 years in Cyprus where he had “provisional papers”. He was tired of waiting, lived in precariousness and wanted to try his luck elsewhere. The Office decided to send him back to Cyprus under the Dublin procedure. They tried to deport him four times. 
However, M. categorically refuses to return to Cyprus.
On the third attempt of deportation, he alerted the passengers who reacted and asked for him to be removed from the plane.
On 9 August 2022, the day of a fourth deportation attempt in the Ryanair flight Charlerloi-Paphos (Cyprus), two people went to the airport at 4 a.m. to raise awareness among passengers. During the attempted deportation, M. was tied up at the feet and hands, he was bludgeoned multiple times, on his torso and hands among others. Some passengers came forward and filmed the police officers’ actions, who asked them to stop and told them that it was forbidden. After an argument between police officers and passengers. M. were taken off the plane. He was transferred to the closed centre 127bis. He is covered with wounds and an external doctor will come to make a report.
Let’s prevent all expulsions. An expulsion is by definition violent.
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