Call for action – 20th of June – World Refugee Day – UPDATE VIDEO

from Coasts in Solidarity

No one is illegal, never! –
Open your borders, open your eyes!

Call for actions on 20 June 2020 – World Refugee Day – Join locally!

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Corona prevents us from meeting – so we’ll spread out instead! Join the transnational solidarity action where ever you are and show that the struggle against racist border policies continues!

2020 has illustrated, better than ever before, that in today’s world equal rights for all human beings is still a distant goal. The situation of migrants in most parts of Europe and other parts of the
world is shameful. Camps at the external borders of Europe are overcrowded. Camps inside European countries remain.  Many migrants are still undocumented, living on the streets.

Even in these times, governments ignore the rights of refugees and migrants. By and large, it has been solidarity groups, NGOs, courageous citizens and migrants themselves who have countered the threat of the pandemic.

We want to draw attention to the situation of migrants, open the eyes of the wider public and demand practical solidarity. Because we absolutely want this situation to stop. It is based on laws and political decisions that definitely can and definitely must be changed.
We call for actions on 20 June – World Refugee Day!

“WE” – who are we?

We are antiracist activists from several European countries who formed the project, “Coasts in Solidarity”. Our main aim was to highlight and support the struggle of migrants at the closed UK border along the Channel and the North Sea during this summer. We wanted to organise harbour events, spread solidarity ideas and use the sailing vessel LOVIS to get more public attention. For obvious reasons we cancelled those plans. As the conditions for migrants have not improved, we agreed on alternative ways to raise attention and public pressure.

Our Proposal for Action
We’ve come up with an alternative common action: A flotilla of paper boats with short messages on them (like “Open your borders, open youreyes”, “Flight is not a crime”) will appear everywhere! Everybody can fold them, small and large, colored or not, and distribute them in public places, in buses and trains, at shopping centres or in parks.
Create your own ones or download the “form” that includes written testimonies of refugees, which can be folded into paper boats. This way, when the paper ship is unfolded, the voices of those who are mostly silenced become audible.

In addition, there will be audio files with recorded testimonies of migrants for downloading. Play them in public places, from balconies or bicycles, in buses and trains and elsewhere, via mobile phones or speakers.

Feel free to choose other actions or to combine our call with your demands.
Send pictures of your action and demands via twitter #coastsinsolidarity

For the right to stay and to move! Stop deportations – once and for all!

Dignified living conditions and health care for everybody! Close down all the camps – once and for all!

Build solidarity cities and networks! Let us change societies from their foundations!

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