Update: Call for protest againts the new ‘secured’ military collective deportation flight to DRC on November 4th.

4 novembre 4 p.m.It was a frontex flight with 19 “illegal” from Belgium and three from Finland and Roumenie, say the mainstream media

4 November 1 p.m. They left the centre around noon, handcuffed, in two big buses and several small vans under huge police escort. There were police controls at the station of Nossegem.

4 November 9.30 a.m. Two big buses arrived to the centre: one was full, the other empty, followed by several small vans.

4 November 9.10 a.m. State secret: the flight to Kinshasa would take off at 2 p.m. From 20 to 25 persons have been in solitary confinement for 4 days. As usual, the information given are false and the State secret is well kept!
Since this morning, the centre has been surrounded by police cars and well watched, what do they want to avoid?

A new military collective flight to DRC is being planned by Belgium, in collaboration with other European countries, for this Tuesday 4th of November.
The take off of this criminal flight would be around 8.30 a.m. this Tuesday November 4th 2014 at the airport of Melsbroeck, chaussée de Haecht (the time is not confirmed).
The prisoners of other closed centres from Belgium and other European countries would be grouped together at the closed centre 127 bis in Steenokkerzeel these Sunday and Monday, they would be driven to the airport under huge escort at 7 a.m.
More about collective flights : http://www.gettingthevoiceout.org/mode-demploi-vol-collectif/

Following calls by prisoners of closed centres, one may already assert that some would be deported illegaly by the Foreigners Office: known opponents to the current regime in DRC, no let-passes for some who were introduced to their embassies etc. The ‘authorities’ continue sending back to their executioners individuals who fled a country where they were in real danger, using their administrative power to exclude the ‘unwelcome’.

It is indeed a real war to immigrants that is ongoing:
The European Union (EU) foresaw several new measures in view of reinforcing the war against immigrants that it has been waging for years, notably the recent ‘Mos maiorum’. The prevailing speech aims at daily heightening the hatred against the other and it builds up the character of an ‘undocumented’ ennemy that everybody would like to see gone for good: profiteers, illegal immigrants, terrorists, thieves, etc. This is how one creates the more and more trivial myth of the ‘unwanted’ that should be kept at bay, imprisoned, deported in order to annihilate any kind of opposition

Warn your friends and Congolese people you may know of the raids and arrests that are likely to take place until this Monday.

“To fight against the deportation machine, against raids, retention centres, to show initiatives of solidarity with the migrants is to jamm the spiral war to migrants.”

We will never accept that people are deported that way because they do not have the right papers and were not born in the right country.

Gathering of protest this Monday November 3rd at 5 p.m. in front of the Foreigners Office, the ‘authority of shame’ that is taking these fatal decisions.
Chaussée d’Anvers,59B 1000 Bruxelles (gare du Nord)

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