Call from detainnes of the closed centre in Bruges 05/08/2015

Several detainees of the closed centre have started a hunger strike, some of them 5 days ago.
They are claiming for the treatment of their files. Some of them have been there for several months and they didn’t get any news.
Others do not have a lawyer and are not able to defend themselves, the management telling them that ‘a lawyer would be useless, for their case is much too serious’.

They are constantly being told that they should go back home.

Others were driven several times to the airport but they were not allowed on the plane because their embassy refused to grant them any let pass. They are wondering why they have been retained like this for several months.

They tell us:

« I won’t give up my rights”.
« They must respect the law.”
“They should not make fools out of us!”
“I’d rather leave in a coffin”.

The management is threatening them of isolation cell if they continue their action!

They need support!

The Centre for illegal immigrants of Bruges has  112 places – approximately 750 persons per year)
 Zandstraat 150, B-8200 Bruges
Tél. +32 50451040
Fax. +32 50315956

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