Call to action: we call for Richard’s release on 09/08 at the CGRS

Richard Ngaballa is a gay man from Cameroon who has been held in detention centre 127bis since March 2023. He is threatened with deportation and risks imprisonment and death in Cameroon.
Richard arrived in Belgium in 2016 and has since filed four applications for international protection, all of which have been rejected by the CGRS, and thus by the Belgian government. 
Although everyone around Richard knows he is gay, lives with his partner and attends LGBTQIA+ meetings, he has been denied international protection. The CGRS initially declared, without any evidence, that Richard was “doing this” for money. On a subsequent application, the CGRS ruled that there was no danger to Richard in Cameroon. However, a complaint was filed against him in Yaoundé. And numerous reports show that LGBTQIA+ people are at risk in Cameroon today. 
It is impossible to prove you are gay, especially if the CGRA assumes you are lying.
Despite an attempt at a legal cohabitation procedure, which failed because it was impossible to get the required celibate certificate in Cameroon; despite a certificate from Richard’s partner and all the information he provided; despite the documented homophobic violence Richard was subjected to in the reception centre; the CGRS stubbornly refuses international protection.
Let us demand the immediate release of Richard Ngaballa! 
To support Richard :
– Come to the gathering scheduled on Wednesday 9 August 2023 at 10am in front of the CGRS, rue Ernest Blerot 39, 1070 Anderlecht.Appeal from various collectives
– Write to the responsible institutions. Please see the message
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