Caricole – A Palestinian testifies on video from the detention center

UPDATE : Meneer met gefoceerd uitgezet op 19/07/2023 naar Istamboul.

Siraj Al-Nanal is from Gaza, Palestine. He recently fled the war and violence he suffered in Palestine, and applied for asylum in Belgium. 
During his interview with the General Commissariat for Refugees and Stateless Persons, Siraj stated that his mother was born in Azerbaijan. Following this simple statement, the CGRA refused to grant him asylum, on the pretext that both he and his mother had Azerbaijani nationality. 
Siraj provided proof of his Palestinian nationality, as well as documents proving that he was born, lived and grew up in Gaza. In vain: the CGRA maintains its absurd position of refusal.
Siraj has already been the subject of a first attempt to expel him from Belgium. He wants to tell his story and receive all the support he can. He has sent us the video below. 
If you would like to support him, Siraj asks that you write or phone the CGRA, asking them to provide proof of his Azerbaijani nationality, or else acknowledge that he is indeed Palestinian and in need of protection.


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