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Caricole – A Palestinian testifies on video from the detention center

UPDATE : Meneer met gefoceerd uitgezet op 19/07/2023 naar Istamboul. Siraj Al-Nanal is from Gaza, Palestine. He recently fled the war and violence he suffered in Palestine, and applied for asylum in Belgium. During his interview with the General Commissariat for … Continuer la lecture

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Audiotestimony : Twenty five days of hunger strike: “In Brussels, where are the human rights? “06/02/2023 Update

Update : Free on 09/02/2023 He is 44 years old. Originally from Tunisia, he has been living in Belgium for 12 years. On 13 December he was placed in a detention centre following a police check in Stalingrad. He had built … Continuer la lecture

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Audiotestimony from closed centre in Bruges “Our fate is between your hands” 08/04/2019 

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