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Témoignages de personnes détenues dans les centres fermés en Belgique

Testimony forced deportation :” How could Belgium be so mean? Or maybe it was an individual or governmental wickedness ». 

  After our article about Outrageous practices at the closed centre 127 bis in Steenokkerzeel.     Testimony :      Shortly after being forcibly deported to Nigeria, a former detainee of 127bis wanted to share with one of our activists the … Continuer la lecture

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Sharif 17 years old: “I never expected they would call me a liar”

Testimony/ Introduction 19/10/2015 : Sharif , a young Afghan, 17, arrived to Belgium through the Balkans in March 2015. He tried to introduce an asylum request. The Foreigners Office declared him as ‘Dublin’ because he had travelled through Bulgaria. Besides, … Continuer la lecture

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Joint deportations to Guinea and Senegal:24/04/2013

For several weeks, Guinean and Senegalese people had been detained in Belgian closed centres. We heard a lot of testimonies during that detention period, both from the people concerned and from worried co-detainees. It was not that difficult to see … Continuer la lecture

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