Charter deportation to DRC on 26 april 2023

On April 25 2023, fifteen Congolese detainees who had been held for several months in various closed centers were transferred to 127bis for collective deportation. The next day, eleven of these people were forcibly deported by military flight to the DRC. For the other four, the deportation was cancelled following appeals lodged with lawyers against this decision.
This event follows a recent diplomatic visit by the Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Indeed, since 2006, a memorandum of understanding exists between the two countries to facilitate the deportation of Congolese people from Belgium. The visit of the Secretary of State aimed to put in place measures to dissuade Congolese people from seeking asylum in Belgium.
Recently, the Belgian government boasted that it had doubled the number of deportations in the first three months of this year.



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