Charter flight to Albania on October 24 organised by Frontex (??)

We learnt that among them was a man who had been living in Belgium for 15 years and was separated from his wife and 5 years old son. Another Albanian was visiting Brussels as a tourist. He has his own company in Albania and was not planning at all to stay in Belgium. He has been arrested on The Grand Place in Brussels, was taken to a closed centre and was deported in the same convoy. He had 2000 euro with him for his stay, which have disappeared!

Fifty-one Albanian people were sent back to Albania on October 24th after their asylum request had been rejected. The head of the Albanian police warns that similar operations will continue and that ‘all the Albanians who violate the rules of circulation without visa to enter the Schengen area will be deported and forbidden entry in the EU during five years.’

The company which collaborated to this flight is :
Brussels Airport  BE-1930 Zaventem
Biglietteria di Belle Air
Tel: +3227535050 Fax: +3227535011
Mob: +32489566631

On Monday November 5th, five other Albanians were brought for deportation from the closed centre 127bis to the airport , most likely with the same company!

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