Closed centre 127 bis Audio : “COVID is a personal issue”

A traduire en en_uk : Geloten centrum 127 bis AUDIO : “Covid is een persoonlijk probleem”

AUDIO LISTEN (FR)HERE MEI 2021 : “COVID is a personal issue”


“COVID is a personal issue”
                                                    Ok, I start: a man came, he was in quarantine, he was tested positive on 31 March, hence he was held in quarantine for two weeks. After that, he joined the rest of the people in the centre, he stayed in a room with other people who started talking to him. 
The man has been a victim for long – “but why were you not with everybody?” “I was tested positive” “Oh, you’ve got the virus!” “No, I became negative after some time”. 
In the morning, the man from the security came “Come, you’ll have the corona test”. He left to do the test. When he came back he said “after tomorrow I am leaving to Aachen (Germany).” Ok, good. 
The day before yesterday, we were watching TV and the nurse came, she had documents in her hand, so we helped him to read the French. When he opened it he saw that the test was positive, so everybody started to shout, how the hell can it be positive??!! 
The nurse took  the man to the corridor for 20 minutes, they discussed for 20 minutes. When he came back he didn’t want to show us the paper and said it was negative.  
How can it be negative? Everybody saw it was positive! 
Another man went to talk to the nurse, asking “how can you mingle us with someone having the corona?” She answered “corona is a personal issue”. Everybody was surprised. Besides, he is not alone in his room, someone else is sleeping there! And he comes and mingles with all of us…” 
One has to speak about the truth here, you are threatening our lives, you are putting the life of people who already have health issues in danger. 
While we were discussing, a guard came to fetch his stuff. The man had gone to the isolation cell without his stuff. (…)In the morning we were told he was gone. When reaching Germany he was sent back to Brussels because he was positive. He can not enter Germany because he is positive. 
The documents say it is positive, not just slightly positive, this doesn’t exist. He was held in quarantine again. 
This morning, the director came and explained that there wasn’t any problem. “But how is it possible, the document says it is positive and not slightly, you are putting people’s lives in danger  (….)”
You should see how the nurse is talking to us, just as if we were animals and not human beings, and the way the social assistant behaved! They look like CIA agents, they are just here to say “go back to your country!”
We don’t even have nurses to talk to, no one to talk to in that case. 
They want us to return, they give us 100 euros, take the plane, you have to go back. We are living in hell…Things happening in the centres have to be denounced, it is not correct, it is not the way it should be. We could reveal all that is happening in the centre if we had a smartphone. 
We explained to the management: there is positive and there is negative, there are asymptomatic people, with no symptoms but who can spread the virus. We were all in touch with this man, perhaps we are all COVID positive.
No one will do the test and we will stop feeding ourselves since we might be positive. If we die, we die. 

We explained again and the nurse wanted to force us to eat. 
Please help us.

We have had enough, we are suffering.

Help us.

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