Closed centre of Merksplas 26/11: Solidarity can be very expensive in prisons!

They were a few solidary people in one of the blocks in Merksplas. They had been living together for several weeks and were peacefully fighting against discrimination every day.

“Each and every one deserve their dignity” they said.

Three of them were taken to an isolation cell for 48 hours because they had disapproved acts of discrimination against some detainees two weeks ago.

They continued to claim for the respect of the other.

On Friday 23/11, an Armenian man wanted to recover his suitcase with new clothes worth 1,200€ that he had left somewhere upon his arrival at the centre. He was going  to be deported but he wanted to get his suitcase back. His suitcase had disappeared. His codetainees had decided to prevent the guards from bringing their friend into an isolation cell in view of his deportation, demanding that his suitcase would be given back to him. It was not the first time that personal belongings had disappeared! A complaint had been lodged in due form.

Following these protests, the Armenian was deported without his suitcase but with a compensation fee of 200€. Several others do not answer the phone anymore. It seems that some have been transferred and others deported.

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