Closed centre: shut up, you have no right, we are the law 30/09

They left their ties in search of no matter what, and after a long journey that may be disastrous, they find themselves face to face with the cold and cruel welcome of the West that goes on looting their home countries every day.
Welcome to Fortress Europe and its barbed wire that cut any hope outright. And when one run after their lucky star, the Fortress’s agents hasten to find them, handcuff and retain them.

‘You are nothing’
They try to inject this feeling in the deep of their soul
‘You are nothing’
They pile them up like cattle.
‘You are nothing’
Just to prevent them from dying they throw their daily ration of bread and cheese at them three times a day.
On the run, the rythm is military: 20 minutes shower, 40 people, 4 showers: two minutes to get clean, it’s over come on, on the run!
Just to let them suffer, no medical care.
‘You are nothing’

Since they deem to be more than nothing they refuse to let go. Some of them speak and try to react as they can from the bottom of their cage.

Friday in Merksplas for e.g. they were 40 to start a hunger strike and ask for support, not to stay isolated in the centre, that the outside world rallies their fight. It took only 4 hours for the cops-robots to come and crush 5 of them before putting them in an isolation cell.

It won’t stop the others. They are 20 to continue their claims. They work together, make up a list and meet the director of the centre three days later. They only answer they get in their faces is :’ You are illegal, you have absolutely no right, you are not allowed to ask for anything’. Another one is sent to isolation.

Four days of hunger strike, an invariable and violent repression, 6 people in isolation. One violent transfer to another closed centre.

And all this in complete indifference!

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