Closed centre: “Why this treatment? We need answers” 19/06/2020

Archive 127bis 2016

Retainees in the 127 bis closed centre in Steenokkerzeel call us and ask us to spread their message.
“We are treated like animals. The staff is constantly bothering us. No respect, no hello, no please, no goodbye.All our deeds and actions are controlled by the guards or by cameras everywhere. They keep distributing sleeping pills. It becomes a real psychiatric asylum. They say we are dangerous criminals and that they will keep us the time it takes. As soon as we ask for something they threaten us. The food is awful and there is never enough.When we ask why they treat us this way they systematically answer that it is the law. 
Is it really the law? Where in the law is that treatment written down?
Some of us are ready to leave the country. But how? There won’t be any plane to our countries before months. 
The world needs to know.

We demand:

– Respect of human rights for us too

A humane treatment- Enough food

 – Respect from the staff – STOP threats and violence 

Hygiene in the places

Transparency of the authorities as regards closed centres 

 – And our rapid release, since there won’t be any possibility to deport us in the short-term! 

Our question: “Why this treatment?: we need answers.”

Signed: Retainees of the 127bis closed centre in Steenokkerzeel

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