Closed centres : Humanitarian or repressive ?


From inside the 127bis closed centre, during the SteenRock on May 5 2012 here

Some people greatly appreciated this act of solidarity, even though it was really though that afternoon…

The security service had been reinforced (twice or three times bigger than normally). The detainees had the impression that everything that was being said and done was controlled. It also seems that one part of them did not understand the meaning of the concert, to the great amazement of others.

Some of them who have been living in Belgium for a long time tried to explain what was happening; which gave way to lively discussions during the whole afternoon.

Comments heard during the discussions:

“They are not here for us, they are just celebrating”.

“They are applauding the closed centre”.

“The centre is managed by the United Nations, just like the other camps in our countries, it has nothing to do with Belgium.”

“We have board and lodging, much better than in the camps in our countries”.

Some had to explain why this concert was taking place, the principle of solidarity, the aim and the origin of closed centres.

They were all very tired and nervous after that afternoon of discussions.

One may appreciate that the event led to debates inside the centre, but one cannot but notice again that some detainees don’t know where they are and that they mix up humanitarian and repressive policies…

To be meditated!

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