Collaboration between the Foreigners’ Office and a mayor

8th April 2015
They are in love and are expecting a happy event. They naturally decided to get married. The date had been set to April 17th 2015. They were convened for an ‘interview’ this morning, 8th of April 2015, at 9 a.m.
On the street, near the town hall, an unmarked car drives close to them, with a revolving light. Four men in plain clothes get out of the car and take the future husband away. They take him and disappear.
The woman, extremely shocked, goes to meet the magistrate.
Indeed, the latter confesses that he was part of the ‘kidnapping’ plot, but that he did so for her own sake only,  to ‘avoid her doing something wrong’. 
The woman is 39 years old, she already has a 5 years old daughter (who witnessed the kidnapping of her second dad) and she tells us that she is mature enough to take her own decisions and that this decision belongs to her anyway!
No one would tell her where they took her future husband away. His crime: being undocumented!

The identifications and the collaborations are underway, the camps are there, and the planes are ready for our safety

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