Collective deportation to DRC – 17th of June 2015

We heard some news about the collective deportation of this 17th of June.
Information is not easy to get seen the obvious traumatism of the people deported after the violence they could feel during the deportation, and the bad welcoming by the Congolese authorities, and also the danger it is to express oneself in DRC.

Following some sources, they were 16 Congolose, some from other European countries, and 2 or 3 women. Three or four others where taken out of the plane following appeals by their lawyers.

One of our witnesses tells us that he was placed into solitary confinement at the 127bis centre during 3 days, without phone and not a single opportunity to get in touch with others. On Wednesday the police came to fetch them, they handcuffed them and drove them to  Melsbroek. They were taken to the plane and remained handcuffed for a long time. They all were accompanied with their escort (2 policemen each) and they had no freedom of movement in the plane, they could not talk to each other. They were even escorted to go to the toilet.

Once in Kinshasa, one of them was urgently droven to the hospital.

Some others were questioned and then released. One of them is extremely angry and insists on us saying it here, because he was called names by one of the Belgian policemen who was there. On the opposite, he is very happy to be under the sun in his country after being imprisoned for such a long time, so many months in the Belgian closed centres…

For others, fate is much darker: they got arrested as soon as they landed and brought to one prison whose name and location must remain hidden according to one of our witnesses. They were insulted, called bandits and criminals. They were placed in cells with no food no drink, not allowed to seat or lie down. ‘We had to sleep upright’.
Our witness was released 24 hours later. He is currently hiding and prepares his departure to another African country. ‘It is too dangerours to stay in this country.’

Unfortunately, he did not hear any news from the other detainees who were with him in Kinshasa.

If others have heard news from these persons (notably the person who had to go to the hospital upon arrival, or from those who would still be detained) we would appreciate if you would let us know in order to continue denouncing these deportations that remain killing State secrets.

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