Collective deportation to Guinee on 17/03/2014

Update 16/03: On leur a dit au 127bis que c’est demain lundi entre 11h et 12h qu’on va les transférer à l’aéroport militaire, qu’ils seront accompagnés de nombreux policiers..

.la déclaration de Bantama Sow (

Update 14/03: It seems that a demonstration might take place tomorrow in front of the Belgian consulate in Conakry to protest against the deportations planned. Other rumors also say that the Conarky airport may refuse the landing of the Belgian plane… In Vottem they are starting to isolate the Guineans in view of their departure for the 127bis centre. Eight people would be concerned. In Merksplas they would be 11 Guineans concerned (some of them in confinement). In Bruges, they would be 4. Among them, eight Guineans made an appeal and the court refused their deportation.

In the closed centres, several Guineans would have been warned that they would be deported this Monday 17th of March.
It is quite strange that the date was announced to them. A lot of them did not get any let pass from their embassy. All the more since there seems (unofficial) to exist a refusal from the Guinean President to welcome Guinean nationals coming from BENELUX ( after the failure of Mrs De Block’s visit in Guinea.
Warning for the Guineans who are still free. They might still be subject to raids in the cities or at home…

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