Collective deportation to Kinshasa this 19th of February 2014! Update


24/02: There was 38 Congolese people in the flight., 7 from the cosed centre of Belgium. “it was very,very hard”. A majority of them are always in detention in Kinshasa.

19/02 2:30 p.m. As far as we know, the plane took off at 9 a.m. this morning with 7 Congolese aboard. Micheline who was supposed to be on that flight was not deported; she was apparently brought to the hospital overnight. 

18/02 2:30 p.m. Message by a detainee of the closed centre at 8 p.m: “There are clashes and ambulances in the isolation cells.”

We’ve heard that a collective deportation to Kinshasa has been planned for tomorrow (Wednesday) .

At the 127bis centre, five men and a women (the women they tried to deport last Saturday) have been placed into solitary confinement.

Others would be transferred from the other centres to the 127bis this evening.

The military flight would apparently leave at 10 a.m this Wednesday 19th February.

A lot of the people who are going to be deported have been imprisoned for several months already and they are political opponents for sure, even though the CGRA did not want to believe them.

Their welcoming in Kinshasa will most likely be very agressive, when one reads the article by the Guardian.

A top-secret document that circulates among the police and security heads of department in the DRC suggests that people deported from Great Britain risk torture when going back.

Another question is whether this flight will be a FRONTEX flight and then other Congolese nationals would also be brought to the 127 bis centre to then be deported on the same flight.

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