Collective deportations : an industrial view of deportation , as carried out by Maggie by Europe ( Frontex):

 On the 21st of November 2013, a collective deportation to Eastern Europe took place. A dozen people were taken to the detention centre 127bis in the late evening and put in detention . Very early in the next morning, they were transferred to the airport in  police vans and deported .


Collective deportation to Congo on the 4th of December 2013. 52 Congolese were on the list ..30 were deported. From the information collected, many were then interviewed by the authorities upon arrival in Kinshasa. The authorities confiscated their passports, people remain waiting in Kinshasa, often hidden for fear of further reprisals. An Angolan is still at Kinshasa. It is impossible for him to return to his country without a passport.


Information on the fate of expelled people remain very fragmented : the contacts we have with the family members have become more discreet, giving the impression that they fear to speak. The detainees who were on the listnot yet deported are now gradually deported by civilian flights .