More news about the collective expulsion of the 27th of October: at Peter De Crem, Minister of Defence, request?

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These  news have been collected from testimonies of people expelled or locked up.
Thirty congolese were brought from other closed centers to the 127bis with the intention of a collective expulsion to the DRC the 27 th of October: 10 of them were actually expelled. The 20 others were in recourse, ….. and are now waiting at the 127bis!

The 10 people expelled were put on a military plane with 110 paratroopers and, apparently, Peter De Crem himself!
As there were still some vacant seats on the plane, our Minister of Defence would have asked to the Foreigners Office to add some congolese to expel.

It seems that some of the expelled resisted and were violently repressed.

At the arrival in Kinshasa, they were put back to the Congolese authorities with their asylum file. They were held for a long time.

A call from Kinshasa this 28/10/2013 at 19.43:
what happened on the flight?
“I really can’t say, we were 10 and 110 Belgian paratroopers in mission on the plane.”
You are free now
“Not really. I can’t tell you anything…”

Eventually they were all released.

BUT the next day, the soldiers came back to their home to arrest them. At the present time 4 people have been arrested.

SMS from this 31/10/2013: ” The friends have been expelled last sunday. The ANR agents are looking for them in Kinshasa. They had to leave their home.”

We have to stay very vigilant: last June, a second flight was organised one week later to expel those who they couldn’t expel before (20), after they “rectified” their administrative situation. And according to a testimony, some police officers went to the congolese embassy to get visas!


Five women were brought from the closed center of Bruges to the 127bis saturday morning 26/10/2013. Two  were expelled. Three others came back to the center of Bruges this monday 28/10. They spent more than 36 hours in a ” concrete room, with a concrete bed, a tap and a toilet. We had to drink with our hands. it was awful and very very long, especially that we didn’t know what would happen..”
One of her wasn’t on the expulsion’s list. She doesn’t understand why she was brought and left in doubt for 36 hours.

One of the woman locked up in the 127bis was released.

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