Collective flight to RDC on 16/06/2013 from Brussels


16/06 10 a.m;: flight will be on 6 pm to day

Between 30 and 40 people of Congolese origin are going to be taken on a collective flight this Sunday (tomorrow).

They have been taken to several closed centres in Belgium in recent days. 15 have been taken to closed centre at Merksplas. At this moment some of them have been put in isolation, though not all since there are not enough isolation cells for them.

Many of them do not have a laissez passez.

Some of them have women and children in Belgium.

Many of them have been here for some years. One of them has been here 21 years.

Some of them are (opposition) political activists.

One of the women is pregnant.

For many it is the first time that Belgium has tried to deport them.

They are refusing this collective deportation, want to resist and demand help! See here the way that charter flights are used:

According to our sources the plane will leave between 9am and 10am from Melsbroek military airport, Chaussée de Haecht 138, Steenokkerzeel.

Without doubt the detainees will be transferred to the closed centre 127 bis at
Steenokkerzeel between 7am and 9am, Tervuursesteenweg 300,1820 Steenokkerzeel

In view of the lack of available time, we call on everyone to act:

in front of the military airport at 9am

at the closed centre 127 bis at 7 a.m

Send faxes to the closed centre 127bis +32 2 7598168, Tel. +32 2 7550000

And fax, mail those responsible:

15 Wing Transport Aérien
Quartier Groenveld
Chaussée de Haecht 138
1820 Steenokkerzeel

Tél : 02/752 42 11 (Centrale)
02/752 42 50 (PR)
Fax : 02/752 44 00

Centre fermé 127bis

Tervuursesteenweg 300, 1820 Steenokkerzeel Tel. +32 2 7550000 Fax. +32 2

Monsieur M. F. Roosemont,Directeur de l?Office des Etrangers

T 02 793 80 31 (NL ? EN) ? 02 793 80 30 (FR), Fax 02 274 66 40 ,

Monsieur Elio Di Rupo, Premier ministre Fax022173328,

Madame Joëlle Milquet, Vice-Première ministre et Ministre de l?Intérieur : ,  Fax:

Madame Maggie De Block, Secrétaire d?Etat à l?Asile, à l?Immigration et à
l?intégration sociale, adjointe à la Ministre de la Justice :

Téléphone : 02 542 80 11 Fax : 02 542 80 03

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