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This site is dedicated to hear testimonies by people retained, ill-treated and deported each year from closed centres in Belgium and make fights against borders and closed centres visible – especially these people who are within these arbitrary retention places (presentation here:

If you have friends in closed centres or if you are being retained yourself and would like to testify, and denounce what the State seek to make invisible, call us on 0032(0)484 02 67 81
These testimonies, and sometimes images, are at the disposal of everyone, in order to learn, spread, unveil, debate, combat, etc.
If you need support, want to testify or join us, send an email to

To receive our a newslettre send a mail to

And two separate calls

SUPPORT THE FIGHTS against closed centres and borders

The fights against closed centres, deportations and borders (distribution of leaflets, posting, publications, events, logistics, various actions, prevention of repression) require energy as well as financial resources.
Interested in supporting us financially? Donate, or even better, set up a standing order to :

Collectif Contre Les Expulsions
Banque Triodos: BE 13 523045586439
Communication: Soutien aux luttes

Spread the message around you! Thank you!

PHONE RECHARGES  needed for the retainees in closed centres

We receive loads of requests for phone recharges from people retained in closed centres. Very often, their phone is the only way to contact the outside, be it their family, friends, lawyer, or to publicly inform on their situation.
Whether their arrest took place on their migratory journey, in their home, whether their families and friends are here or in their home country, it is crucial for them to be able to warn and communicate with them. Without your support, they would be many incapable of doing so.

You may support these detainees by buying a 10 euros Lycamobile recharge from your grocery, night shop or bookshop. Send us the pin code written on the recharge by email at or by SMS on 0032(0)484026781. We will then send the code to the detainees who asked for it. If it is easier for you, you may also pay, or even better set up a standing order of 5, 10, 20 euros or more on the bank account especially created for that purpose :

Collectif Contre Les Expulsions
Banque Triodos BE58 5230 8016 1279 BIC: TRIOBEBB
Communication: Lyca

Spread the message around you! Thank you!

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