Continued development of prison-industrial complex in Belgium

10/11/2020 New works in front of the closed center 127bis. Continued development of prison-industrial complex in Belgium

A few days ago, about thirty people gathered in front of the closed centers Caricole and 127bis in Seenokkerzeel to show their support for all the people locked up.

The group noted that new work had begun on the field in front of 127bis, where the Steenrock festival was taking place.
We knew that the land in question had been purchased by the ‘Régie des bâtiments’. Today we note that the company in charge of the work is Lareco Bornem, the same company that built the family units in 2018 to detain children. APPEAL HERE
Whatever the project started, it is certain that it will facilitate the detention and deportation of migrants.

We recently learned that the new government intends to follow in Francken’s footsteps and build two new closed centers in Jumet near Charleroi (144 places) and Zandvliet near Antwerp (200 places).2017 here

It thus confirms its desire to pursue a repressive policy that conveys a criminalizing vision of migrants. We note once again that the State, via its Office des étrangers (home office) and secondarily the contracting and sub-contracting companies, continues to invest methodically in the reinforcement of the borders and continues its harassment of migrants. The construction of any new detention system must be denounced as one of the mechanisms of a larger system of state segregation that contributes to the symbolic, legal, physical and social marginalization of migrants, it is unacceptable.

No Borders!
Stop all measures of screening and control of human beings!
Close all detention centers!

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