Criminal deportations ongoing 15 November 2019

Criminal deportations ongoing 15 November 2019

As far as we know, several exiles are being threatened with new deportation attempts with an escort.

Besides the two exiles whom we know have been the subject of violence and were mentioned in a release by RTBF, here:

Testimony of T here

Testimony of S here

There is G., Ethiopian, retained for six months in a closed centre, placed in confinement in the closed centre of Bruges on 15 November 2019, in hunger strike for ten days or so, is very weak. A new deportation attempt would be planned for this Sunday 17 November 2019. G. who always strongly opposed these deportations, will not have the strength to resist anymore seen his state.

There is A., Somalian, in a closed centre for 9 months, for whom the Foreigners Office delivered a new arrest order because of the ‘possibility that the interested was deported within a reasonable deadline.’

About the Foreigners’ Office obstinacy
Somalian, 19 years old, 9 months in a closed centre, 4 deportation attempts and still returnable


When he arrived in Belgium in 2015, A., born in 2000, was in a deep post-traumatic stress, attested by a psychiatrist.

Two asylum requests were refused in 2015 and 2017 respectively: the CGRA and the CCE (Aliens Litigation Council) doubting about the reliability of his story.

A. was arrested and retained in the 127bis closed centre on 16/02/2019

First deportation attempt on 01/04/2019, which he refuses


Second deportation attempt on 17/07/2019 Turkish Airlines TK 1944 to Istanbul

In Istanbul, the passengers of the flight to Djibouti refuse this forced deportation on that flight for 2 consecutive days. The escort spends two nights at the hotel in Istanbul, with A. kept tied to a radiator in the bathroom.


Mr A testified on 19/07/2019 upon his return to 127 bis :

He was in a room at Brussels’ airport, with 3 policemen and a social assistant. The social assistant asked him if he wanted to leave. “You will have to go with the police and stay calm.” They beat him. He said he did not want to go. He shouted and the policemen started to beat him. Since he did not calm down, they hold him, had him swallow a liquid tranquilizer by force. They brought him to the plane with his hands tied and started to beat him again. On the plane they also tied his feet. They hold him by the neck and beat his head. In the plane the social assistant told the passengers not to move, that the man had to return to Somalia.
It seems that the police in Istambul noted that his ‘travel documents’ were not in order. The escort would have answered “never mind, he will leave anyway”.
Still in Istanbul, while waiting for the flight to Djibouti, he managed to escape but the Belgian police caught him and brutalised him. Short of breath, he fainted in the airport.
It had been planned that he would take, always under escort, a connecting flight to Djibouti. The passengers refused that he went on the plane, the police took a new ticket for the day after. One night at the hotel and on the road again to the airport. The passengers of that new flight reacted and refused to leave with that plane if A. had to go through this forced return.
After this missed deportation, the 3 persons of the escort spent a second night at the hotel in Istanbul. A, spent these two nights sitting in the bathroom, his hands tied. He was again beaten in the hotel, far away from the cameras of the airport.

27/09/2019: New deportation attempt planned by the Foreigners Office cancelled because the Somalian embassy did not deliver a let pass.

07/10/2019: The Foreigners Office contact Somalia and share the information

17/10/2019 A. is transfered from the 127bis centre to the closed centre in Bruges

04/11/2019: New deportation planned with escort: cancelled because of ‘issues’ with the airline, according to the Foreigners Office



15/11/2019: New ticket valid until 18 December 2019 because “it is possible that the man is deported within a reasonable deadline”: Belgium would have delivered a European let pass.



The Foreigners Office at the political service of the decision-lakers and their allies do not hesitate to use all the means including illegal means to deport, preferably on the quiet and with intimidation, similar here to hostage taking and torture, at the request of CGRA and CCE : they will tell us that they apply the rules and obey decisions taken by the ‘competent’ institutions. And the CGRA obeys the guidelines of HCR that tells us that the city of Modagiscio is “safe”… Everybody obeys, no matter the order, this can only lead to historical reminiscences of which we are currently all witnesses.
All this under the guise of ‘human rights’ and the ‘humane but strict’ policy of Maggy De Block.

A bunch of racist criminals for whom the “foreigner” is no longer part of the humans!





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