Current target of the Foreigners Office: Iraqis

On 14th September 2015 we learnt that 25 Iraqis were being detained in one of the wings of the 127bis closed centre. Most of them were arrested at the Foreigners Office after being convened. They were told that they have to stay there before getting the confirmation that they are no “Dublin” (i.e that they did not pass by another Schengen country where they would have left their fingerprints, and where the Office would be glad to deport them to). In recent years, it was not frequent to hear about Iraqis being detained in closed centres, and now within 15 days they are 25!

The Foreigners Office, organising the detentions and deportations of the ‘unwanted’, has as a bad habit to regulary select one category of persons, one nationality, in view of exerting pressure and intimidating the targeted group (Afghans, Congolese, Albanians, Guineans, etc.).

Since many Iraqis have arrived to the Maximilien camp to introduce an asylum request, the Foreigners Office has chosen to put the pressure on this community in particular.

The Iraqis in the closed centre are outraged. They say that they are badly treated, they feel abandoned, without any juridical assistance. They are calling for help!

And they need ticket for their phone: so we repeat:

“You may also support the detainees by buying a 5 or 10 EUR call-credit card with Lycamobil at your grocer’s, in a nightshop or a bookshop. Send us the pin code that is written on it by email at gettingthevoice(at) We will send it to the detainees who need a recharge, which enables them to keep the contact with us and the outside world.
If it is easier for you, you may also pay or even better a standing order of 2, 5, 10, 20 EUR or more (!) to the account “Collectif  Contre Les Expulsions”
Banque Triodos  BE58 5230 8016 1279” BIC: TRIOBEBB

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