Death at the border of an exile based in Belgium- 8 July 2019

Death at the border of an exile based in Belgium- 8 July 2019

They were eight people, 4 women and 4 men, of Erythrean origin, in a truck driving through Bruges to go to Rotterdam this Saturday 6 July 2019.

They wanted to try their luck. As soon as they realised that the truck was taking the direction of Rotterdam, on the A29, a route that was not originally planned, they took out their tissues and scarves to wave at the driver to make him stop.
They knew the driver could see them in his rear-view mirror.
In spite of that, he continued driving and according to them he was switching between acceleration and braking to try and make them fall.
Many drivers around were honking their horns to warn the truck driver, apparently in vain!
Finally, still according to the testimonies of the exiles, it is the police who blocked the truck and arrested the driver after a speed chase.

According to some, Géri jumped out of the truck when he saw the police. According to others, he would have fallen because of the truck braking. He died instantly.

The 7 people were taken to the police station and then released. They are now staying at their hosts and are extremely traumatised. Some are crying, others are shouting, praying or are prostrated. The girls are all minor and are particularly traumatised.

Each and everyone of them are trying, as usual, to identify the party responsible for this tragedy.

To us, the only responsible are the States and their borders.

Géri was Erythrean, he was around 25. He had arrived to Belgium several weeks ago from Israel. One dead more, One dead too much

Words by a host: ‘We all are very sad. He was one of my hosts. On Friday I told him to be extremely careful. He laughed…’.

For his road companions: ‘For some he was very discreet, for others very present. Anyway, for his great friends it is absolutely awful’.




List of the known exiles who passed through Belgium and were killed by borders since July 2017



2017 :

-Omar, 18, Sudanese, died under a bus in Brussels on 23 July 2017

-Dejen, 16, Ethiopian, died in Aalter after falling from a truck on 4 November 2017

-M, Sudanese, found dead in the canal in Brussels on 17 November 2017


-Mohammed, 39, Ethiopian, died in Jabbeke chased by the police on 29 January 2018

-M, 22, Algerian, died in Zeebruges on 22 March 2018

-Mawda, 2, Kurdish, killed in Mons during a police chase on 16 May 2018

-Amalou Ourez, 20, Guinean, crushed by a bus in Berchem-Ste-Agathe (Brussels) on 19 June 2018

-X,19, Vietnamese, run over by a car in Jabbeke on 17 August 2018

-Imran Ullah, Afghan, run over by a car in Ramskapelle on the E40 on 9 September 2018

-Kebede, 25, Erythrean, killed on a parking in Wetteren on the E40 on 12 September 2018

-Gebre, 36, Erythrean, committed suicide in the Vottem closed centre on 9 October 2018


-Adam usman Kiyar, 20, Ethiopian, very well-known in Brussels, died in a truck in Calais on 8 March 2019

-Amaneal, born in 1986, Ethiopian, his body was found dead on the railway in Silly (Tournay) on 17 April 2019

-Mahammat Abdullah Moussa, 25, Chadian, most likely dead on 17 April 2019 hung under a bus at the North Station in Brussels and his torn body found at the arrival in FolkstoC

-Géri, 25, Erythrean, died after falling from a truck on the A29 near Rotterdam on 6 July 2019




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