Death at the border on 22/03/2018

On 21st of March, a 22 year old man died at the port of Zeebrugge as he tried to reach the UK. He was stuck between 2 containers and died instantly. This is the fifth known death since July 2017 of people trying to cross the Channel from Belgium.


Tribute to

-Omar died under a bus in Brussels on 23/07/2017 Sudanese 18 years
-Dejen died in Aalter fell from a truck on 04/11/20117, nationality unknown, 16 years old
-M found in the canal in Brussels on 17/11/2017 Sudanese
-Mohammed died in Jabbeke prosecuted by police on 29/01/2018 Ethiopian 39 years
-M died in Zeebrugge on 22/03/2018, Algerian nationality 22 years old

Map of the dead at the border of Europe

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