DemonStration at the 127 bis closed centre : « It’s wonderful ! We are not lonely! »

28/02/2018:  At the time of big demonstrations by the citizens’ platform in favour of a ‘more human policy’, we received less calls from hosts announcing retentions of exiled people in transit.

However, they continue to arrest people: Albanians, Erythreans, Turks, Romanians, Congolese, Moroccans, Algerians and even an old Greek man (!) are the main nationalities present in one wing of a closed centre. These retention places, worse than prisons, retain people who were arrested at home, on the street, in public transports or even in parking places.

A spontaneous demonstration took place this Monday 26 February in front of the 127 bis closed centre. The demonstrators called for the destruction of closed centres and for the immediate stop of deportations. Many retainees called us to say ‘It is wonderful, we are not lonely!’, ‘It cheers us up’, ‘Help us!’.

Text messages we got:
« Hello, thank you for everything, from Mounir and Jiyed » sent by Mounir et Jiyed arrested during the raid on Friday 9th February in the ASBL Globe Aroma

« Please you people can help me ? I have been in Belgium for nine years. I was walking on the road when they
arrested me. I have been here since 4 months. They plan to deport us with soldiers’ airlines tomorrow. Please help us ! »

First, the other retainees could speak with the demonstrators, but then people from the security, quite nervous, prevented them from doing so, threatening them with sanctions.

Even though our Secretary for Asylum and Migration excels in exclusion policies, the latter also are European. Europe and its Nation States took the decision a few dozen years ago to wage war against migrants for ‘economic and security’ reasons, and they use all the means possible to that end. No matter the deaths in the Mediterranean sea and at the borders, no matter the agreements made with dictators, no matter the fate of deported people, no matter the Geneva Convention, the universal human rights, no matter this cooperation that has become a form of currency to send men back to death, retention, camps or a life of misery.

This is globalisation; the freedom of movement for capital and the exclusion/deportation of exiled people who flee disasters provoked by our wars and with our weapons or famine and precariousness caused by the same globalisation.



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