Demonstration of the undocumented in front on March 1st 2015

Call :

They are around a hundred to walk 14 km to the closed centre in order to protest againt the imprisonment of some of their friends in the closed centres.

The call had been launched by MRAX and the Front des Migrants.

Once on the spot,the usual police cordon, reinfored by the robocops seen the pressure of the demonstrators and their strong will to get close to the entrance of the centre. Forbidden to go further than the first wing of the centre. Intimidation by the police in number and their dogs.

Inside, detainees had prepared a banner and tried to communicate. Inside the centre, the guards did everything possible to avoid the communication between the demosntrators and the detainees.

Many undocumented were extremely moved, there were men and women crying.

After two hours of shouting and singing, they walked 14km again to the centre of town!

We are disappointed by the little support, apart from the usual people present during this very bold adventure by the undocumented!

Stop to the repression on all!
Solidarity?! It concerns us all!

Reminder: yearly demonstration at the Vottem closed centre in Liège on March 22nd 2015 here

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