Deportation and detention centers : Violence and Violence …. : 14/10/2013


Mrs S was expelled onthe sly to Togo .

She underwent serious violence committed by the Belgian escort during the eviction . On her arrival in Lome , she was taken to the hospital. She filed a complaint , and the three men of the escort ( two men and one woman) were deprived of their passports by the Togolese authorities and held in Lome . The police escort when questioned by the gendarmerie denied, of course, all accusations .

Diplomatic negotiations ensured that the three people of the escort were flying back to our country three days later, the complaint is said to followed its course…

Mrs S is still in the hospital due to a severe cervical trauma .
” There must be an end to this violence , ” she tells us .

Mass strategic releases in detention centers

After the arrest of 42 Afghans at a demonstration in Brussels , many people who were held in detention were released … to make place for the Afghan newcomers. So that there is an impressive turnover in our detention centers . The people who were released were given an order to leave usually within 7 days and returned in clandesnity.
The detention centers are used as a tool of repression and intimidation for those who dare to violate the established order.
Meanwhile, more than half of the arrested Afghans were released, thanks to the relentless work of lawyers,  allowing to make room for new entrants …


A man was released after 10 months of imprisonment in the detention center . He now lives on the streets in Brussels and is looking for a place to sleep . He underwent several eviction attempts.

A man who lived legally in Belgium for 20 years , was arrested at the airport and detained in the detention center the Caricole . Because of the death of his father, he went to his country and remained there for over a year . This provoked that his residence papers were taken from him , as our laws determining … They try to turn him to his country of origin two times. He wants to stay here with his friends and family !

Another man arrived three days ago in Vottem , became furious : he broke everything for an hour. Police, ambulance and a psychiatrist came and he was taken , no one knows where.
” It is really hard to see that sufferinf brought by the  imprisonment ” says one of his fellow prisoners very concerned

Many arrests and detentions of people of Polish people these last few days!
We are told that more and more often, some are brought to the isolation cell before the expulsion, without the possibility to inform anyone: “Quick done, well done” tells us a prisoner.


To carry out the deportation , the embassy of the presumed country of origin of the people must give a laissez-passer to the Immigration Service  . For this they are presented by Immigration before their embassy , which confirmed that they indeed whether or not coming from that country.
A witness tells us :
” They were brought to there presumed embassy, there were two combis , double parked in front of the embassy, one with three or four men , another with a woman . They all stayed in the van before they were escorted  one by one escorted by the guards of the centre ( three in each van )  to be brought to the consul of the embassy . The interview lasted for each of them a few minutes confirm whether he / she were or not from that country and deliver a laissez passer.

Voluntary Return

The blackmail to persuade people to accept a voluntary return to their country  occurs more and more frequent, in collaboration with NGOs. These NGO have well integrated the policy decisions of Immigration encourage the undesired migrants to voluntary return, from free will or not . They cooperate actively, convinced that the voluntary return is ” the best solution for them .” These NGOs work closely with the government and Europe to this exclusion policy  and gradually forget why they are here. With that game of ” least evil ” they support and reinforce this policy .

A man of Chechen origin signed a voluntary return to Moscow , under the threat of being imprisoned and terminated in Moscow in cases of forced return . He is very afraid of this return , has no ties and no living means in Russia . We remember a man who had remained after his expulsion for several months at the airport in Moscow , because he did not dare set a foot on Russian soil .

Back to home

Still a lot of calls from people who were deported and returned to our country , sometimes from very far .
They found their friends , their families and their children back here . Details are obviously not  publishable .

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