Deportation attempt of a Congolese woman (60 years old) under escort on 3rd December 2014

Mrs L, Congolese, 60 years old, had been called to the Foreigners Office. She thought she would get news of her asylum and 9ter regularisation requests, but the Office arrested her on the spot and drove her, handcuffed, to the 127bis closed centre: her asylum and regularisation requests had been rejected. The Office takes the initiative to deem that she is not sick enough in spite of her cardiac, hypertension and psychological problems, and her old age.

Two years ago, she had been welcomed by a niece who is living in Belgium. Her house had been burnt down in DRC and she had no one left there to take care of her. Her niece was proud to be able to welcome her and she didn’t want any help from the State to provide for her needs. She is proud to say that she could assume all the expenses of her welcoming her aunt, even the medical costs.

Hence, more than a month ago, Mrs L joined the 6 other Congolese women retained in the closed centre. Since she arrived, one of the women of her age already was deported, and another was released.

On 28th November, Mrs L received an eviction notice to Kinshasa for Wednesday December 3rd 2014, the notice mentioning that the deportation would happen under police escort (hancuffed and tied with a belt) since it will be the second deportation attempt on her!

She will be on the flight SN 357 to Kinshasa at 10.25 a.m. on Wednesday 3 December.

There is no doubt that the Foreigners Office and their Francken Minister do not hesitate to deport without mercy.

Mrs L is asking for our help to prevent this deportation.

Let’s meet in number at the airport this Wednesday 3rd December at 08.25 a.m where the passengers have their luggage checked in. There you can inform them on the presence of this woman at the back of the plane, explain that she will be accompanied by a few policemen in plain clothes. This way, you may inform them on their right to oppose their participation to a deportation. Passengers may refuse to sit down and fasten their seatbelts, and they can talk to the cabin crew to explain that they refuse the plane to take off with the lady on board, handcuffed and attached.

You may also send faxes or emails to the airline that collaborates with these deportations, Brussels Airlines, and the Ministers concerned, to show your outrage in face of these deportations.

Sn Airlines :
site :
Ou par fax et mail Fax = 027233599 / 02/7238496 / 027534931
Tél : 078 188889 / 027232345 / 027232362

People and Ministers concerned:

– Monsieur M. F. Roosemont, Directeur de l’Office des Etrangers :

T 02 793 80 31 (NL – EN) – 02 793 80 30 (FR), Fax 02 274 66 40 ,

Premier ministre Charles Michel
Tél: 02 501 02 11 Fax: 02 512 69 52 e-mail:

Monsieur Jan Jambon Vice Premier Ministre Tél: 02 504 85 13

and to
Monsieur Theo Francken
Secrétaire d’Etat à l’Asile et
la Migration, chargé de la Simplification administrative, adjoint
au Ministre de la Sécurité et de l’Intérieur.

Tél: 02 206 14 21 –

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