Deportation order: 22 years old and being forced to return to his country! : Deported

He arrived in Belgium as a minor as his family in Afghanistan had all died. The only family he has left have lived in Belgium for several years.
He comes from a region that has been deemed ‘safe’. However, the journey from Kabul to this region is extremely dangerous. In light of these facts his order to leave the territory was reversed and his case was supposed to be reviewed. But after this review the Immigration Office decided he should nevertheless be deported, citing the fact that he could stay in Kabul where he would be ‘safe’ as a justification for their decision.

Flight TK1942 to Istanbul leaves tomorrow 30 October at 8am!

For those who can make it to the airport please be there for 6am.

We are well aware that this last-minute mobilisation is practically impossible, but he will resist, and his lawyer thinks it is essential to make sure there is a record of these crimes.

You can also email or fax:
TURKISH AIRLINES: Tel. 32 2 720 6400 Fax: 0032 2 753 2677

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