Deportation threat on two congolese woman 15/05/2015

1) Shocking: the Foreigners Office and the local authorities after a woman victim of domestic abuse
In Belgium for 8 years, she was married to a Belgian man who was beating her. She found refuge in a shelter for battered women. While she was working as article 60, his husband asked for divorce. The authorities deprived her of her ID card and gave her an Order to Leave the Territory.
On March 27th, she was arrested at her workplace. She was taken to the closed centre in Bruges. She will go through a first deportation attempt tomorrow.
In brief: a woman victim of domestic abuse is denounced by her commune, arrested and detained by Foreigners Office who want to deport her against her will. She is thus a double victim: being a woman and being undocumented. Punished by a State that should on the contrary protect her.
Friday May 15th 
Flight SN357 10.40 a.m to Kinshasa
Let’s meet at the airport at 7.40 a.m to speak to the passengers
Contact: 0485 21 32 06

2) Another woman who was living peacefully with her husband also got arrested and detained. After getting married at the church, the couple was preparing for the civil marriage. The Belgian authorities interfered.
Monday May 18th 
Flight SN357  10.40 a.m to  Kinshasa
Let’s meet at the airport at 7.40 a.m to speak to the passengers
Contact: 0485 21 32 06
All this is made possible thanks to the untiring collaboration by Brussels Airlines. 
We call on the women’s rights associations to put pressure on the Belgian authorities for these two women to be released. 
Please send your emails, faxes and letters of protest to the people responsible, and express your disgust!

Brussels Airlines (ask your message to be forwarded to the aircraft captain)
Email :
Fax = 027233599 / 02/7238496 / 027534931
Tél 078 188889 / 027232345 / 027232362
F. Roosemont
Directeur de l’Office des Etrangers
T 02 793 80 31 (NL – EN) – 02 793 80 30 (FR), Fax 02 274 66 40
Charles Michel
Premier Ministre
Tél: 02 501 02 11 Fax: 02 512 69 52
Jan Jambon
Vice Premier Ministre et Ministre de l’Intérieur
Tél: 02 504 85 13
Theo Francken
Secrétaire d’Etat à l’Asile et la Migration
Tél: 02 206 14 21 –
NON aux expulsions!
LIBERTÉ pour toutes et pour tous!

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