>Deportation: “you’re an animal, you’re a monkey ! Why do you make like this you monkey!”


20/09/2018 Mr. T is in the closed center of Vottem for 7 months. He made several asylum requests that were rejected. He continues to shout that he does not want neither can return to Ethiopia. Here a first audio: http://www.gettingthevoiceout.org/audio-three-asylum-requests-refused-if-belgium-send-me-back-to-ethiopie-my-live-is-finished/

The Foreign Offive persists and tried to deport him again on September 17, 2019. He was tied up from head to toes at the Federal Police Station at the airport and was carried on the plane by six police officers. He shouted on the plane that he did not want to leave. Passengers, warned at the check by solidarity hosts, stood up in opposition to this expulsion and he was removed from the plane by his escort on the orders of the captain. On the way back, in the van, he was beaten by the unhappy policemen who assured him that they have another plan for him next time

Here the audio at his return to the closed center.

here audio from T


“Yesterday night they put me in the airport and I said I don’t want to go, “me no like go” because I have problems in my country. I Said “no like go” because I have political problems in my country.
They arrested me and handcuffed me. After in the plane I speaked too much to say I don’t want to go. After six of them beat me. I don’t know that could happen like this. All of them beat me (=Nobody no beat me). After in the plane so many voices and they said to me “quiet ! Quiet !” and I said “no quiet” because me I’m not a criminal. If you let me I’ll go by myself, leave me here and I’ll go to another country if it’s not possible for me to stay in belgium.

In the care those six guys beat me! No one of them did not beat me. My mouth also, they beat me here. I’m not dying now but it’s very difficult, now I’m in the closed center for almost seven months and I already had negative answers. Maybe this country is better than Africa or better than any country. If it’s a democratic country why do they make this to me ? Why do they make this to me ?
Because I made to much noise and said “no like go” like this, many people in the plane stood up. After that they beat me and put me in the car. In the car they took time.
They said “you’re an animal, you’re a monkey ! Why do you make like this you monkey!” This is not a problem, this is ok.

Now I don’t sleep during the night because I’ve a problem at my head and all my body have problem now. I’m happy I can to speak like this today.”


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