Deported to Somalia: ” Sorry for saying that but there is no life here, …and now I am losing my life.”


He was deproted to Quatar and after to Somalia because they do’nt believe he was from Somalia!

Appeal for mobilsation to the airport here

Interview during his detention:


What do you want to say to the people from Belgium about the centre?

The first thing I want to say is that when someone comes here, wanting to run for his life,  protect his life and survive, they will not believe that.

There is no healthy food, there is nothing, sorry for saying that but there is no life here!

When you want to talk to someone, explain him and tell him your problems nobody will tell you “come on, tell me and talk to me”.

Everyone, even the people who work here, they are not friendly, they just show they are racist and they hate people.

I asked them for protection and everything and they said we don’t believe you and now I am going to die.

Which country will you be deported to?

I came from Somalia through Qatar and then to Belgium and they will send me to Qatar and then to Somalia, and still the same thing…

Will you resist tomorrow?

I will try, let them beat me, it’s better if I die.

I will try to do that, to refuse, … I hope they just… I’m so upset… I don’t know what I can say because… why are they treating us like this? I came with everything valid; my passport is valid, my visa is valid, my hotel too, I paid for three nights, and they just locked me up in the airport for six days and then they transferred me here. I lost my money, everything, I don’t know… now I am losing my life, I am not talking about money, I am losing my life.

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