Detained and soon to be expelled after 50 years of legal residence in Belgium.

. 26/06/2021

Mr M.B.A. is Moroccan. He arrived in Belgium 50 years ago, at the age of 13 with his parents.
He has always lived in Belgium with his whole family. He got married, had a child, got divorced… A normal life.
Until January 2020 when he leaves for Morocco and cannot return because of the pandemic.
The borders are closed. When they reopen, the tickets are expensive. He only managed to return in June 2021.
When he arrived at Zaventem, he was detained in a closed centre, although his identity card was still valid. He is to be deported to Morocco next Tuesday.
He should have informed the municipality of Anderlecht of his departure abroad for more than 12 months. Except that when he left, he did not imagine he would be stuck for more than a year because of a global pandemic.
Who could have foreseen this in January 2020? 
This is one of the many Kafkaesque situations at 127bis, a lawless zone.
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