Documents, really?


A young boy was deported by force: his parents and family are living here. He left his ‘country of origin’, DRC, when he was 7 years old and doesn’t know anything nor anyone there.
His crime: he had a period when he was a delinquent and he was part of an urban gang! He had been living with us for 15 years.

Three sisters are in the closed centre in Bruges. They were born in Germany, never treaded their ‘country of origin’,
Their crime: when arriving in Belgium, their parents had given a fake identity to get asylum, 16 years ago!

A man is being retained in the closed centre of Merksplas in view of a deportation to his country of origin, Russia.
His crime: to save his family from deportation he fled a return centre where he had been brought to by order of the Foreigners office with his wife and three kids. They have been living with us for 9 years.

A man was deported by force to his ‘country of origin’, Egypt.
His crime: getting divorced after several years of conjugal life. He had been living with us for 11 years.

All these people had obtained ‘documents’ that were finally taken away from them after several years.

The aim here is not to claim that some people have more rights than others to get documents, but simply to show to what extent State racism (in this case European, and Belgian in particular) gets to aberrant situations, even in view of the respect of its own ‘migration policies’. Deprivation of nationality, increasing number of deportation of people having lived in Belgium for several years… the deportation machine increases its rate.

Documents for everybody or everybody undocumented.

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