Dublin Regulation: Belgium expels Angel, now in a closed centre in Sweden, facing persecution in Kenya because of her sexual orientation.

If you know anyone, collective or non-profit that can help Angel get out of detention center in Sweden and get the international protection, please contact us immediately.

Context :    Angel was forced to leave Kenya following a lesbophobic attack that led to the death of her partner. After two refusals of international protection in Sweden, she decides to come to Belgium to seek asylum. But because of the Dublin Regulation, the request is rejected and Angel is transferred from the Dublin Center in Zaventem to the detention center for women in Holsbeek. After a month of detention, Angel can no longer bear the detention conditions and accepts the flight back to Sweden. Unfortunately, she was immediately placed in a detention center on her arrival. It’s been now three months of detention and she is at risk to be deported to Kenya, where her life is in danger.

Audio testimonyTestimony Here: https://www.gettingthevoiceout.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/zweden-2.mp3

“My name is Angel. I’m from Kenya. I’m lesbian. Right now, I’m in Sweden.” 

I first seek my first asylum in Sweden and the Swedish Migration [Agency] gave me negative. I tried to explain to them what happened when I was in Kenya. How I was caught with my partner. And then my partner, they injured my partner. They [the Swedish authorities] believe me but they want the evidence to prove that and by that time I could not prove any, because it was COVID time when I came here. And later when the COVID was down, I tried but still I could not find anyone to help me find the evidence because (?) until I found one lawyer who investigates all evidence. He went to that bar where we were beaten with my partner. He asked and he got the [truth]. So when the evidence comes… I tried to appeal with the evidence but they [the Swedish authorities] did not want to continue with my case. After that, I got very disappointed and I was very worried, I could not stay in the country without permit, without working. I have children, before, in my country. I could not help my children. And then I decide to go to Belgium to see if Belgium could help me, to show them my evidence, then they could have also proof in my country. Belgium Migration [Immigration Office] said that they could not help me because I first have fingerprints in Sweden so I just have to come back in Sweden. And then I said “ok” and then they brought me back. Swedish Migration [Agency], they hold me until today. Now it’s three months I’m in the detention center. And here, inside, there is no medicine, there is no doctor and I have complications with health. So it’s like they want to deport me back to my country. And I don’t have anywhere to go. So I don’t know what to do. I’m really, really desperate. I don’t know how I will get help but I’m really desperate and I’m just asking for help. Thank you. 

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