Embassies tours, sometimes it’s like playing Russian roulette

To evict you need a pass from the embassy of the country of destination. The Office put in every effort to achieve this, always contempt for man and woman, sometimes in defiance of the law (the law is the law” but not for everyone! A national of Zymbabwé was trapped for more than 4 months. He was visiting Brussels , wanting to travel to the United Kingdom when he was arrested . The Office tries to deport at any cost. As the Zymbabwé embassy does not issue passes, the Office des étrangers went successively to the Embassy of Angola, Guinea and the DRC. The man is desperate and begs  to be sent home . He does not want to hear about Europe. He was finally released with a OQTB.

A “representative” of the Embassy of the DRC went to 127bis centre , pre-signed passes under the arm. He came to ” identify ” the detainees. Thus, even before seeing them, he had the necessary document to have them deported to Kinshasa. According to several witnesses, this man from the embassy was carrying the asylum claims files during the “identification” interviews.  For political opponants this is the best way to ensure that they will suffer mistreatment at least, not to say prison or just to “disapear” after arriving in Kinshasa…

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