Endless deportations and torture of an asylum seeker

22/03/2017: He arrives in Belgium  early December 2016 and asks for asylum, being persecuted in his country, Sierra Leone, as a Christian. He is transferred to the closed Caricole center.

The CGRA does not believe his story and the Foriegn office wants to remove him at all costs:

18/12/2016: Deportation attempt to China, country where he had transited. He refuses.
28/02/2017: Deportation to Beijing: China does not want him, for lack of documents, and he is sent back to Brussels
10/03/2017: Deportation to Sierra Leone: he remains 2 days at the airport of Free town (Sierra Leone) and was sent back to Belgium because he has no documents
16/03/2017: Forced deportation attempt to China: he resist
19/03/2017: Forced deportation attempt to Sierra Leone: he resist
21/03/2017: Forced deportation attempt to China: beaten by 10 federal police officers at the airport police station. The airline company refuses to take him on board because of his condition (he is bleeding all over. He is brought back to Caricole ….

He says, “They’ll kill me that way.”
He tells us that, at each (deportation) attempt at the airport, he is locked, completely naked, in a small  room and allowed to dress only for boarding or to go back to the Caricole ”

“This is not my body anymore. 4 months that I have been locked up. I am not a criminal. I did not commit a crime. I only came to ask for asylum. I will never forget what has been done to me. I want them to hear me. I am a human. They don’t know what to do with me. They are just killing me slowly. God is my witness. I cannot sleep, I just wander around.

Everybody says I am a good man. The pilot (of the plane I had to take to Sierra Leone) said “I can see your are a good man”. The people who work at the Caricole have pity for me.”

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