Escalation of hunger strikes and protests in the detention centres 27/06/2014

After the hunger and thirst strikes by mostly Pakistani people, among whom two have been released, there seems to be a new hunger strike movement concerning around 20 people.

Six days ago, a protest movement started, notably a hunger strike. Three immigrants blamed for having started the movement were placed in solitary confinement. They have been there for six days and two of them continue their hunger strike.

A lot of new people have arrived, most of them with their papers in order. The detainees believe the situation is not normal and they are angry.
Women: a women tells us that many are detained for no reason. One of them was arrested at South Station ten days ago. The Foreigners Office gave her a name and a nationality that are not hers. She is seriously ill after the tortures she went through in her country of origin.
They tell us that people get arrested and deported without let pass, without any warning, and without having the chance to go to court.

An 80 years old woman who can barely walk has been detained in Bruges.

127 bis
Muslim prisoners (most of them Moroccans) have been gathered in 127bis for the time of the Ramandan.
‘There are a lot of new comers and a lot of daily deportations that are unfortunately becoming common’ says a prisoner.
The immigrants of 127bis are very garteful of the caravan in Brussels and they thank us once again.

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