Escape from the Caricole detention centre in Steenokkerzeel

Five inmates escaped from the detention centre on 04/10/2022

The Caricole centre is one of the detention centres set up by the Belgian state. Its function is to detain people arrested at airports and borders. 
These include people who were visiting someone or visiting as tourists and who did not have the required papers to enter the country. These people are repatriated to their country of departure. Others apply for international protection and are arrested at the airport, their applications being deemed suspicious by the airport police and the Aliens Office. They are locked up in the Caricole centre while their asylum application is processed. 
The detainees are currently witnessing several very violent expulsions, including that of an Iraqi national expelled to Burundi. All the detainees were very shocked by this expulsion.

This 04/10 in the evening 5 detainees chose freedom and left the centre (our authorities call it an escape).

We have no news about the escapees. 

Good luck to them!

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