Evasion and release : well kept secret



Evasions : another well kept secret: They are not in public statistics !

But fortunately they exist. Sometimes with the complicity of remorseful guards .

Merksplas :  “The past six months were prisoners attempted to escape : the night they broke tiles , neutralised alerts and climbed the wall. Three were injured and could not get up. Three others have succeeded and left into nature. The guards were alerted by the cries of pain of the three injured at the bottom of the wall, one of them broke his foot. Two of the injured have since been set free.”

127bis Steenokkerzeel : A person tried to escape through the door during the visits, but was unfortunately caught .

Vottem : On Wednesday, 18 December 2013, three prisoners tried to escape by breaking the windows of the lounge they were caught, the lounge room is currently unusable due to the damage.

Releases one more little secret hatched by Maggie : Not in public statistics !

More than 30 %  inmates are released after a period ranging from a few weeks to 8 months imprisonment.

The list is as long as your arm ; extracts: two Guineans released after eight months of detention, with a OQTB . Release of a Guinean woman after 4 months, always with OQTB… and nationals of Zimbabwe, Afghanistan etc… mentioned previously .