Evictions : an aim in itself, a symbol sent to electors:

01/01/2014: Deport at any price just to increase the numbers!

Evictions are daily and become more commonplace in the centres : ” Soon it will be my turn madame.” Many prisonners, after several months of detention and legal struggle comply with these expulsions under the threat of violence and under blackmail.

“If you resist you never be able to return to Belgium” they are told .

“Here they are wild forced expulsions and cascades of negative outcomes concerning our procedures “

The determination has no limits ; an Afghan has been locked without understanding what was happening and the reasons for his detention. A fellow prisoner knowing our language has asked to see his papers and found out that they were concerning a completely different person, the names were not corresponding ! This is a good example of how the investigation ” case by case ” highlighted by Maggie to justify her expulsion actually works.

Former prisonniers are expelled, sometimes directly from the prison, sometimes after a transfer to a detention centre. They are expelled without any consideration of their families or situationsleft behind in Belgium and are forced to leave!

Read on the website of the OE “A working group consisting of the Foreign Office and the Federal Police Brussels National Airport was created It examines how a foreigner can best be satisfied . return without resistance and without constraint ( escort ) .”  It is not however clear whether the currently used techniques such as deception, lies, blackmail , threats, and physical or psychological pressure will be evaluated and refined. The prisonniers testify : “Faster to expel ; they put us in prison and without warning put on a plane . ” In many cases ,  they are told the night before their deportation the next morning without being able to talk and inform anyone.

Finally, again and again, young Afghans are deported to a “safe country” Afghanistan, for which the Ministries of Tourism and Foreign Affairs are warning about the dangers .