F. a person of Moroccan origin with a mental disability, deported alone to Turkey

The family and their lawyer are going to ask for a return visa for F. in court on 19/01/2022.
If you want to support the family in court, come to the court this 19/01/2022 at 8.30 am in Rue des Quatre-Bras to support the family and for the return of F. to Belgium.

F. was born in Belgium in St-Josse-ten-Noode in 2001 and has lived all his life in Belgium with his family. F. has always had mental health problems.
His parents are French of Moroccan origin and he was registered as a French national at birth by the commune.  
At the end of August 2021, F. and his mother went on holiday to Bodrum in Turkey. On their way back, they were stopped at Brussels-Zaventem airport because they had no proof of French nationality. They had travelled with their Moroccan passports.

From Brussels Airport, F. and his mother were taken to the Caricole detention centre. F.’s mother fell ill, testing positive for Covid. She remained in detention for a month while she had minor children at home in Brussels. She was released for health reasons after a month.

F., on the other hand, was kept in detention and was then transferred to the closed centre 127bis. A first flight to Turkey, although he is of Moroccan origin, was offered and he refused it. F. has great difficulty in expressing himself and orienting himself. However, he explained that he did not know anyone in Turkey. His sister also called the centre to explain the situation. A second flight took place and F. was not able to refuse. 

F. was therefore deported to Turkey. He is currently stuck in Izmir, without any documents except his Moroccan passport. He has always lived in Belgium with his family and is unable to take the necessary steps to return to Belgium on his own.

He finds himself alone in a third country where he does not speak the language. He does not speak English either. His only “link” with Turkey is that he was on holiday in a hotel with his mother!

He is currently staying temporarily in a hotel rented by his sister. He is in full decompensation. His whole family is extremely worried about him.

The cruelty of the Belgian state and its determination to expel people of so-called foreign origin have no limits. The state and its Office des Étrangers shamelessly expel people, consciously closing their eyes to the consequences of these expulsions.

The family and their lawyer will ask for a return visa for F in court on 19/01/2022

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