Fallen into oblivion in our ‘law-abiding’ state – Appeal to all!

14/01/2018: It seems that the federal police have launched a migrants’ hunting in the whole country, determined to ‘clean’ all the country: arrests in the stations, parkings and trains the last days. Many hosts are calling us to report missing persons. Some are found back, others ring us from Great Britain, but many disappear and are most likely being retained in our prisons called ‘closed centres for illegals’. It is extremely difficult to find them back because often the hosts do not have their full names. Therefore, the detainees are deprived of any contact with the outside and often have no contact with a lawyer. This is a strategy by the Foreigners office to prevent them from defending themselves, to keep them in their ‘dungeons’ so as – at least so they hope- to deport them in total secrecy…

Appeal to all the people who have contacts within closed centres : ask the detainees to look carefully around them and to report newcomers, giving us, if possible:


• the name under which they are known by the Office
• their nationality (as registered by the Office)
• the name of the closed centre where they are being retained : 127bis, Caricole, Vottem, Bruges, Merksplas
• their identification number (OE/IBZ/SP)
• their date of birth
• the date when they were arrested
• the place where they were arrested

Send this information to stopdeportationsinfo@riseup.net

Always the same see http://www.gettingthevoiceout.org/the-hunt-for-migrants-in-transit-goes-on/

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