Fifteen deportation attempts

It has become dreadfully common to hear about or follow deportation cases. You know, the deportation of people who, for different reasons and life circumstances, wish to settle, some for some time, others for a long time, or perhaps for ever, in other regions than the one they were born in. You know, these people for whom the governing institutions have organised and decided regulations, laws and other directives to allow deportations. They grant themselves the power to decide who has the “right” to stay where he wants to and who hasn’t. And he who hasn’t got that determined right can therefore be arrested, imprisoned and deported in complete legitimacy.

However, some people resist, some cannot accept the treatment they are given, they fear retaliation, revenge,imprisonment or death if returned to areas they fled, sometimes many years ago.

I would like to share the story of Patrice Ndjonssy who has already gone through 15, yes, FIFTEEN deportation attempts to Cameroon! Who the hell are these sick minds who persist like that ? In this case, they are in Britain, but they are to be found all around Fortress Europe!

And we should shut up?



The 15th attempt to deport Patrice Ndjonssy failed.

This is the appeal that had been made just before (April 2012).


Patrice Ndjonssy is a 40 years old Cameroonian man currently detained at Colnbrook IRC. Patrice fled to the UK in 2008 to escape persecution in Cameroon. His safety is at severe risk, should he be deported.

UKBA plans to deport Patrice on Virgin Atlantic VA657 from London Heathrow @ 22:45 hrs Thursday 19th April 2012 to Accra, Ghana for onward transit to Cameroon.

This will be the 15th attempt to deport Patrice.

Patrice rang yesterday evening to say that eight officers had come for him and taken him to Short Term Holding and served him with his 15th set of RDs, before putting him into his cell they took his phone off him, leaving Patrice without any form of free communication.

This deportation attempt also failed and Patrice is again imprisoned. You can contact him by email:


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