films and video of actions

  • Resitance against a deprtation to Somalie 02/12/2019


Geplaatst door Nathalie Mercenier op Maandag 2 december 2019


  • Aktion against closed centre for women in Holsbeek 02/12/2019

  • Steenokkerzeel/127bis 20/06/2018 agaginst detention families




If you have ideas or suggestions for films on this topic, don’t hesitate to send them to us.

  • Videos actions from the closed centers 2009-2016

Lesquin (Lille) 24/06/2009

Direct action – blockade two detention centers Novembre 2009

127bis Steenokkerzeel september 2010

Caricole Steenokkerzeel juni 2010

Merksplas Februari 2011

Merksplas 28/01/2011

Steenokkerzeel februari 2011 : Videoreport and pix of solidarity demo, riots and escape at Belgian deportation center

Caricole/Steenokkerzeel Décember 2011

Vottem 24 April 2011 Invasion of the closed centre bij activist during a demonstration

Steenokkerzeel Frontex flight blokkade april 2011

Bruges october 2012

Steenokkerzeel 127 bis Februari 2015

Steenokkerzeel 127bis Sept 2015


Documentaries and fictions :

Videos on the deportation by plane of so-called ‘undocumented’ people

Other films :

  • End to end images of the detention centres.No sound

  • Vidéo de l’intérieur du centre de rétention du Canet à Marseille

  • Video made with images about the different situations lived by migrants in Europe : 

Individual and subjective video made by young people from the broadcast ‘Coup de Pouce’ on télé Bruxelles :

  • Video made during an activists blockade in front of the Merksplas closed centre in Flanders

  • Promotional video of the Merksplas centre to recruit some staff. We insist on the fact that what is shown in this video does absolutely not reflect the real conditions of the detainees that they call ‘inhabitants’.Trailer _ Welcome to Europe_