On 5 December, a detainee of the closed centre of Bruges was found dead in his cell. Although no light has been made yet on the circumstances of his death, one can but notice that another person has succumbed to imprisonment.

After that event, all the centre’s detainees started a hunger strike, as a last resort for the unheard. It is the way people choose to fight when they have nothing left to lose. The hunger strike movement rapidly spread to other centres, in Vottem and the 127bis centre.

This movement echoes the one that was launched by the Afghans’s support group a few months ago. Indeed, in front of the assassin persistence of Maggie De Block and the Belgian government as a whole (is it worth reminding that De Block is but one of the pawns, following Wathelet and others, implemented by the Belgian system in its campaign to repress and break the undocumented), several Belgians took the decision to stop feeding themselves until the Afghans finally get a positive answer to their request.

Where there’s life there’s hope, but the path they took might lead to something totally different. Deaths, hunger strikes, forced deportations, constant controls, Š for many people life has become unbearable and the climate explosive.

What to do? The answer is so obvious that it seems absurd to repeat it for the umpteenth time. But OK, let’s say it again. As of today, we should abolish the frontiers and stop the policing and humiliations, put an end to indulgence with the racist and assassin state, and with the introverted Europe that is responsible for massacres in the name of the preservation of a so-called economic and security well-being.

The widespread riot is therefore not very far, and so much the better if it finally gets rid of all this crap and evaporates this awful and toxic smell exhaled by the placidity and blindness of the well-off!

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